TOUR 2016

I was traveling all over Dubai for the fall/winter saison 2016. It was a very intense and colorful and very spacial trip. How far you can go to make your dreams come true. I figure out that the most important thing is only one think about having sucess in all pleaces around the world is to stay in contact with people all over the coutnry much as possible. You have to enjoy your time. See the beauty and the darkside of a country and try to make the best out of it. I was listening to a couple of diffrent people what they have to say about y work. Sometimes it was a new hit in my back do it better than before. I am used to do it.  I made also gut friends and try to keep in touch for the next time in this huge build up desert city.  The hugest place were you still could build up your own dreams. 


One of the Fashion Shootings in Dubai was for our German Designer MILA CARDI from Bavaria. 

It was a crazy trip tough the desert, for few shots.


I began my tour at the Mayfair Residency in Business Bay Dubai. From that first tower my tour goes around other great Appartements and Towers.


It was that great team from THE LIST in dubai. It was so much fun and experiance in a very short time to work with you guys.