Photographer  Ella Don was born on August 20, 1987 far away in the east. 



She began her career as a behind the scene photographer in the dj and music scene in Nuermberg. She developed there her special distinctive look for the public as a new photographer. 



Ella was booked for some Band-Shootings (album covers, portraits, etc.) and also tried out some art work projects with fancy postcard photographies of her. 



She startet working as an event photographer not only in germany, but also in swiss and austria. At that time she also started working for a huge wedding agency and touring around germany. So she could combine both jobs easily.

But her passion lies in something different. In another art of photography. Not mainstream, but deemed to be iconic and provocative. So whenever she had time, she started to develop her skills and bring out a new kind of photography. 


She also began to work on outstanding advertising campaigns and so Ella Don's images have been showcased in several limited books and exhibitions through Germany. 


She was then able to make a couple of commercial photographs for different magazins, online shops and design labels – especially in the jeans and handcraft industries. She started working for brands and runway shows as a reporting photographer for many years. 



She decided to open her own portrait photoschool to teach others her skills and knowhow. 


If it comes to her special photographer style not even Ella herself can really explain who or what inspires her the most. She sees different emotions and beauty in several pictures. 


Some Facts to know:


In 2008 she opened her first small studio. It was based in her own house.

Later in 2012 that changed. She  opened an official studio, the „Ella Don The Studio“ where she created amazing work. If she wasn’t at the studio, she was on the run for events all over the country. In this years she developed herself in photoshop skills, artwork and art photography.


In 2015 she left that period behind and founded the „ELLA DON ARTFACTORY“ based in Bavaria / Germany. She still has there her own studio, but also works together with other artists from the ink scene, but also from Make-up and fashion scene.


It was also in 2015 when sky sports hired Ella to go on tour to meet some of the best soccer player in germany. Steve Wozniak, Milli Vanilli, Joss Stone, Thomas Müller, Giovane Élber and much more was captured this year.


But now in the year of 2016 she is travelling the world: her tour started in germany for some new projects in stuttgart, munich and berlin and will end up in dubai. She wanted to understand the whole fashion industrie worldwide better and tried out to improve her style in for the different markets.

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