It is not enough to know - it must also be applied. It is not enough to want - you have to do it.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Whether a website, press work, flyers, image brochures or annual reports - only a good picture makes a good entry into a successful communication possible. Company portraits now transport the image of a company and the products offered. Therefore, rely on meaningful pictures, which you and your company adequately represent - I will gladly help you.


Let yourself be convinced by coherent concepts and a consistent strategy and convince yourself of your way of working with your next project: cost-effective planning and implementation, a contact for your entire project and a result that will convince you and your target group. I am looking forward to your call: 0176 61264950


We offer various packages for business photos ranging from a small business series in the studio to complex corporate hobbies over several days. Here are always the usage rights for the commercial use of the pictures included. You can use the images without restriction for company websites, brochures, business cards, newspaper articles, press pictures and the like.


The small and normal business series is designed for one person, if you need a more extensive series, we will be pleased to make you a special offer. Just ask us.

Business portraits work in both color and black / white. If you already have your own ideas for your business photos, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to support you in the development of your ideas or implementation especially for your business.

We photographed business portraits and business photos in our studio, in the surrounding area and also at your place. Even if you do not have a large company, professional company photos are advisable, you will be perceived much higher quality.

We would be pleased to adapt the pictures to your website or company brochure. If you already have a pre-design, we can work even better on a perfect result. If you wish, we can also arrange a make-up artist for the business shoot or the employee photos.

We have the goal that you will look appealing and competent in your pictures and emphasize your strengths. We want you to be able to present your customers convincingly.

Good job photos are important as never before. The future employer should get a competent and friendly first impression of you. However, one must stand out among the crowd of competitors.

Therefore, you should attach great importance to the quality of your application photo. With us you get from expert photographers an expert and honest advice, on which photo you work best.


You get a comprehensive series, all pictures on USB and additional 2 pictures professionally reworked. The resulting images are to be used for applications and private purposes as in the normal application series.


You do not know exactly how your application works? Will they be successful? Take advantage of our professional application advice.  


We also create a complete application portfolio in a serious but striking design adapted to the company.  Significant and effective application documents increase the value of your application enormously.


  • Before the phototerm still to the hairdresser or make-up artist?
  • Absolutely advantageous: you come with 2 outfits for changing and trying out.
  • Choose clothes that you would wear to the talk.
  • For the ladies: If available, bring your own powder to the event.
  • If you always wear glasses, you should also wear glasses in the photos.

Since in the normal case we make only portrait shots, you only need to take your outerwear with you. Please always choose well-fitting, long-sleeved clothes.

A too big jacket or a too tight blazer also looks like in the photo. Choose your clothing according to the professional field, for men in the office area in any case suit / shirt / tie, for more creative professions is also the combination jacket and shirt or just a shirt.


For women is the classic blazer and blouse, a bit modern the combination blazer and shirt. Make sure the shirt is not cut too deep. Fashionable clothes, strong colors and subtle jewelery are completely in order. Unsuitable are highly wrinkled blouses / shirts, thick shoulder pads and puff sleeves.


For neckties, noble fabrics and strong colors look particularly good. Make sure that the neckties have no wrinkles or wrinkles.

We always photographed a series of pictures, you can also bring 2 or 3 different outfits to the date, which costs no extra charge. We take a lot of time for you, in normal cases we have up to an hour, but often it is faster. We then search the pictures together and can still post a few photos, if there is nothing suitable.


Please tell us honestly if you do not like the pictures, here we have the possibility to take a new picture. The selected pictures are then easily retouched and brought into the appropriate cutout.


The digital application photos will be sent to you on the same day by e-mail.


If you order prints, it takes about 3 to 4 days, as the pictures on high-quality photographic paper are exposed. We send you the prints also by mail.

In the case of application photos you have the rights of use for all activities related to your application: digital applications, applicant portals, own prints and prints. In addition, you can use the pictures in social networks like Facebook, Xing, etc. If images are to be used in a commercial context, i.e. Company home page, brochures, business cards, newspaper articles, press pictures and the like, then we will photograph a business portrait series for you. All usage rights are then included here.


All the pictures we send by e-mail are easy to edit. This means light skin retouching, a bit brighter under the eyes, teeth slightly white, contrast and color optimization, etc. Everything but in a very discreet frame, so the workings are not noticeable. If you want a stronger or special editing, just say that when you search the pictures.