Wir halten den schönsten Augenblick in Ihrem Leben in Bildern fest, von der Standesamtlichen, Kirchlichen Trauung bis hin zur Party begleiten wir Sie mit der Kamera, damit Sie sich auch noch nach Jahren an Ihre Hochzeit erinnern.


Selbstverständlich fotografieren wir auch alle anderen kirchliche Ereignisse wie z.B: Taufen, Konfirmationen, Jugendweihen, Goldene Konfirmation.


Genießt und erlebt den lang ersehnten Tag mit all seinen Facetten, Geschichten und Gefühlen im Kreis der Freunde und Verwandten. Damit diese einmaligen Erlebnisse zu einer lebendigen Erinnerung werden, begleiten wir Hochzeiten mit jederzeit wachem Auge und einem ausgeprägten Einfühlungsvermögen für die richtigen Momente. Denn es geht ganz um das Brautpaar, die Emotionen, die Geschichten, die Schönheit, den ganzen ereignisreichen Tag.


I am a documentary wedding photographer based near Munich in Bavaria Germany, though I work throughout Bavaria and the whole of Germany. 


I am also happy to accept overseas destination weddings if scheduling permits.

As a wedding photojournalist or reportage wedding photographer I capture the day in its natural flow, avoiding intrusion and anything too contrived.


My approach is unobtrusive and discrete, I simply record what I see, to tell the story of the day you got married, yet always looking for the naturally occurring perfect moment, when emotion, light and geometry align.


Weddings are beautiful to photograph with so many different emotions but they have to be treated with a delicate touch. After all fleeting moments can not be recreated and you can not print a memory. So an ability to respond quickly and quietly is paramount to provide images that perfectly capture the essence of your wedding day with the integrity it deserves.


At your request I am also happy to arrange a small handful of group photographs of close family and friends and a few portraits of just the two of you to utilise the surroundings, but these are at your discretion. They do not need to take up too much time, allowing you to enjoy the company of your guests for the vast majority of the day.



I generally photograph weddings solo, simply because I feel it provides for a more natural and pleasing perspective, plus you will not feel like you are surrounded by the paparazzi all day. I receive a lot of compliments from past clients praising my ability to get the photographs of those special moments without them realising I was there.

However if logistics prevent this singular approach then I am happy to source a second photographer for your wedding, though this will incur an additional fee.



Due to the bespoke nature of your photographs and the great care taken to individually post process each image to a professional standard I do ask that you allow two to six weeks for the delivery of your images.



Yes of course, you are more than welcome to arrange a personal meeting or we can schedule a video call via Facetime or Skype. Alternatively, you are equally welcome to ask me any further questions over email or telephone.

A lot of my clients live away or have busy schedules so I am quite use to meeting them for the first time on the actual wedding day, though in all instances I will touch base the week of the wedding to confirm timings etc.